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OC meme!!! (Shinosk'e Kitani)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 3:02 PM
I'll be doing this meme with Shinosk'e Kitani (My newest Original character)

Shinosk'e Kitani by Pink--Reptile

1. Name: Shinosk'e Kitani

2. Age: 23

3. Gender: Male

4. How tall is s/he?: 5. 11 ft.

5. Describe their eyes: they are orange and his pupils are pointed almost like a fox's

6. Sexuality: Straight

7. Race/Species: Super human (he's a more advance human)

8. Siblings?: no.

9. Lover(s)?: None.

10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?: not really aside from being a very skilled fighter.

11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?:

12. What’s their religion/belief system?: He does believe in Gods

13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?: nope, and I made him about two years and six months ago.

14. Do they have an alternate form?: not that He knows about.

15. Are they based on a real person?: No he's completely thought up

16. Or another character?: no.

17. Do they go to school?: Not anymore.

18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror?: not much.

19. If given a gun, what would they do?: He'd hand it over to someone else explaining how He wouldn't know how to use it.

20. What do they like wearing?: He likes wearing normal ts and tanks, either jeans or normal pants.

21. Describe their hair: deep red, and the ends are even darker almost turning brown. it's long and wavy

22. Where does this character live?: He lives in Japan in his family's village, but spends a lot of time with his new found friends (now have been together for almost a year) in their village.

23. Can they cook?: yes, his mother taught him when He was around the age of twelve.

24. Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?: not really, He'd feel weird.

25. Have they ever killed someone?: yes, while defending his village.

26. Do they feel guilty about that killing/multiple killings?: He hasn't killed over four, but He doesn't feel guilty, it was what had to be done.
27. Any secrets?: one, is having night terrors. and He tends to keep a certain past tragedy to himself. but He has told his best friend, Yuya both of these secrets.

28. Do they have a tattoo? Do they want one?: He does not. and he's never thought about it.

29. What about piercings?: yes, pierced ears.

30. Medical conditions?: his right eye is scratched, and He has generally bad vision in both eyes.

31. Are they generally violent?: his village trained him to be, but He somehow came out more laidback instead of violent.

32. Are they shy or outgoing?: He is very far from shy, so outgoing.

33. Honest or deceitful?: He had to deal with a clan full of deceitful people who eventually turned on him and his clan, He despises the thought. so He's Honest.

34. Optimistic or Pessimistic?: He's a bit pessimistic.

35. Loving or distant?: I'd say he's a little distant, He got that way with age, but very loving to his parents, who He has a great bond with.

36. Young or old?: still young.

37. Bad or good?: good, always have been.

38. Are they good at winning an argument?: half and half.

39. Name something unusual about them: He has had serious night terrors ever since He was eight, of strange things, sometimes He doesn't even know what's going on, some nights it's worse then others, it's not every night, but He does have them often. they are mostly about war and his village people getting killed. it tends to wake him in the middle of the night, where He is drenched in sweat, sometimes mumbling. but not every time.

40. Are they a virgin?: yes, but He's done quite perverted things in his past.

41. Have they ever had sex with their own gender?: No

42. Name some prejudices s/he has: He's not prejudice.

43. Give me something random about them: He has a bit of a nasal-ie voice.

44. Do they drink?: yes, mostly Sak'e

45. Smoke? no

46. Do drugs? No

47. Are they addicted to anything?: nope

48. What’s their impression on people at first glance?: I'd say "busy" that's what My sis said. 

49. Is this true once they’re more well known to someone?: no.

50. Name something that’s different about them now than when you first came up with them: I made him less buff XD

51. Is there anything about this character that’s surprising to you?: not really I mean...I did make him.

52. How was their childhood? His childhood was fun and cheery, but at times rough, do to their rival clan attacking and stealing, the whole village had a rule, at sundown, every kid had to be inside. but later in his childhood, things got a bit rougher and more tragic.
(you'll know once you read his past.)

53. What’s one of their weaknesses?: eyesight, if the enemy were to get him in the dark He wouldn't be able to see out of his right eye.

54. Their greatest strength?: his will power.

55. Something they hate: deceit.

56. Something they love: his village and his pet.

57. How’s their self esteem?: pretty high, He doesn't get downhearted by what people say about him.

58. One thing they hate about themselves: not being able to protect his villagers when He's away.

59. One thing they love about themselves: his skill in battle.

60. How’s their ego?: not all that big, but not small.

61. Describe their past:
when He was around eight years old He found a little animal demon that resembled a mouse, it was black with blue ears and fluffy tail, as He reached in to grab it, it got scared and scratched his eye, this only made his bad vision worse, but He wanted to keep it as a pet, so He fed it until it warmed up to him, now it follows him just about anywhere.

around that same year one, night they attacked while everyone was sleeping, Shinosk'e heard the bells ringing loudly in his village which meant they were under attack, at this time He was only ten years old, they were burning the village and slaughtering the people and children that got in the way or tried to stop them, some kids were even kidnapped, Shinosk'e watched his house burn to the ground as his father held him tight, there was nothing but chaos around him, the members of they're village tried to fight off the the enemies but they couldn't stop them from destroying most of it. after everyone put out the fire they rested as best they could and when morning came they began rebuilding it. eleven years later life was normal again and Shinosk'e had been trained and ready for battle, He is now very skilled. to say in short.

62. How was their family life?: they are a close family, when He was a kid/teen He trained in fighting with his dad and a few other men, along with helping his dad around the village. his dad was also skilled in building things, and mining, so He thought Shinosk'e a bit of that too. and his mom would always like to hear about his day when He got home, and she also taught him to cook.
63. Are they happy now?: yes.

64. Do you like them?: yes of course! He's My baby! :iconbrohugplz:

65. Would you get along with them if you met them in real life?: yeah

66. Would they like you?: most likely.

67. Are they smart?: his smart aside from common since.

68. Are they tricky?: in battle yes. that comes with being a brute ninja

69. Do you know how they are going to die?: no. never thought of it.

70. Do you plan on killing them off?: no.

71. Do they like to read?: not really.

72. What’s their favorite… book?: He doesn't have one

73. Movie?: He was just recently introduced to television, He doesn't have one.

74. Person?: I'd say either his mother or Yuya, his best friend that He looks up too.

75. Time of day?: when the sun's setting.

76. Animal?: mouse.

77. Thing to do?: relax, or work in his village.

80. Will you do it for another character?: yes :D (Big Grin) just to let people learn about them.

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