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this is My art! I've come a long way, check it out.

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look through My favorites! you all did an awesome job, keep up the great work!
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gifs of things I love.





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no need to thank me for the Llama badge, just give one back instead :aww:
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I will be doing this meme with Laku
Laku Yamauchi by Pink--Reptile

Full Name:
Laku Yamauchi.
Meaning: I made it up.
Nickname(s): he doesn't have any aside from the norm from his wife.  
Meaning: a term of endearment.
May 24th.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Actual Age: 30s. 
Age Appearance:
Residence: he lives in a house with his wife, in his village.
Species: demon/superhuman. 
Gender: male.
Allergies: none.
Sexual Preference: Female.
Way of Speaking: polite. he has a mellow sounding voice but speaks a bit loudly when happy.

Marital Status: married.
Occupation: slays demons for villages.
Weapon of Choice:  sword. (ready for battle) Laku. by Pink--Reptile

Theme Song(s): he has a favorite song. by Gotye, somebody that I used to know.
Couple Theme(s):  clumsy, by Fergie


Hair Color:  light purplish pink.
Hair Style and Length: bangs across his forehead falling lower on each side of his face. hair coming down to right above his shoulders.

Eye Color: bright blue.
Eyesight: normal. 
Height: 5 - 11
Outfit / Clothing Style: t shirts and jeans. tennie shoes.
Abnormalities: none
Distinguishing Marks (Scars,Moles, Birthmarks): he has a scar on his left hand, it was shot by an arrow.
Self Care (Make up): hair gel.
Skin Color: vibrant peach tone.
Body Type/Build: He's a bit muscular and he is quite thin.
Piercings: none.


Mom: very busy and sweet women.
How Well Do They Get Along: great.
Dad: more relaxed and very kind.
How Well Do They Get Along:
Siblings: three brothers and two sisters.  
Children: two, one girl, Ruki and a boy, Tadaaki.
Past Love(s): he's never had much luck but he was always flirting and trying.
Current Love: Viruku.
Reaction to Meeting Someone New: very polite and cheerful.
Ability to Work With Others: great, he is very generous and understanding.
How Sociable (Loner,etc): he's very social and not afraid to express himself. he loves being around people.
Friends: his close friends are Ceruke, Anoki, Viruku and all her friends.
Pets: none.
Least Favorite Type of Person: mean and or selfish.
Parental Type (Protective, etc): he's a protective dad, and he adores spending time with his kids, he will play with them and let them sleep in his bed if they get scared. he wants to give them a fun and happy childhood and he will stop at nothing to make them happy.
Affinity with...:
family and friends.


..When you First Meet Them: he is full of life, a happy go lucky guy.
..As You Know Them Better (And They Like You): he'll also talk to you often and is very kind to you, making you feel more invited.
..As You Know Them Better (And They Dislike You): he'll try and hide that he dislikes you from you, he doesn't want to be rude or mean. he may share a conversation with the person but he really wont want to be there.
First Impression On People: silly, happy and kind.
Favorite Color: pale red. though he like all pale colors in general.
Favorite Food: Turkey burger.  
Favorite Animal: doesn't have one.
Favorite Instrument: flute.
Favorite Element: Wind.
Least Favorite Color: none really.
Least Favorite Food: doesn't really have one.
Least Favorite Animal: none. 
Least Favorite Instrument: unknown.
Hobbies: watching t.v and hanging out with his friends, playing with his kids.
Drink/Smoke/Drugs: He drinks beers and wines.
Dark Version of Self: angry and unresponsive.
Light Version of Self: cheery, giddy, flirtatious, kind and active.
How Serious Are They: usually 5 out of 10
Believe in Ghosts: yes.
(In)Dependent: more independent then not.
Soft Spot/Vulnerability: family.
Opinion on Swearing: he curses somewhat often but he dislikes using the vulgar ones.
Daredevil vs Cautious: somewhere in between, more towards cautious.
Music Type: pop, soft rock and country.
Movie Type: romantic comedy, comedy or action.
Book Type: He doesn't read much.  
Game Type: he likes computer games.
Sleeping Pattern: he puts his children to sleep then comes to bed to sleep, his wife usually has the t.v on watching it while he goes to sleep.
Cleanliness/Neatness: he likes things tidy.
Desired Pet: none.
How Do They Pass Time: t.v, hanging out with friends, playing with his kids.
Comforts: his wife/family.
Drunk Type: it makes his bold personality even bolder. he gets a little crazy and is easy to persuade.  
Special Abilities / Magic:
How Did They Get Said Magics:
Done Anything to Get in Trouble With the Law: no.
Which "7 Deadly Sins" are They Most Like: pride.
Which "7 Virtues" Do They Have: forgiveness.

How Do They Act When They Are..

Sad: he pouts and hangs his head low with a lot of sighing.
smiles almost constantly, generally kind natured, cheery, giddy, flirtatious, and active
Angry: quiet and snappy. mumbles to himself below his breath. and when really mad he'll be completely silent and fuming.
Afraid: jumpy and cautious, trying to hide it and play it cool.
Love Someone:  he will always be there for them and is very kind. he can be shy in some aspects. but is usually clear on how he feels.
Hate Someone: he avoids them as best he can. and holds his tongue when they are annoying him.
Confused: he gets embarrassed and usually drops it.

How Do They React To...

Danger: he gets protective and tries to keep others calm.
Proposal to marry: overjoyed and excited.
Death of Loved One: he would try and keep it together for his loved ones. it would tear him apart on the inside.
Difficult Game/Math/etc: he'd probably persist for a while but eventually give up if he couldn't get it.
Injury: he can handle it well but he pretends it's worse then it really is to get attention and pity.
Something Irresistibly Cute: he gushes over it and hugs anything in site.

to sum it up, he lived in a village with his family and trained on slaying demons to aid his villagers and more so, impress the ladies. once he was away traveling and he stumbled upon the reptiles, he started chatting with them and then they asked what he did in his spare time, he told them he was a demon slayer and they shared with him that they were adventurers, Laku wanted to join so they tested his strength to prove himself worthy and he did just that. he was flirting with all the girls and he's been a part of their team ever since. now he lives in a small village he built with them, slaying demons for villagers to make a living. 


Languages: Japanese. some English.
Interested Careers: none he rather be a house dad
Puzzles: not particularly interested in that sort of thing.
Chemistry: average.
English: average.
Cooking: good. 
Sewing: bad, because he doesn't ever do it.
Mechanics: he's pretty handy.
Botany (Flowers): not too great.
Reading Level: average.
How Good are They at Planning Ahead: half bad half good.


Do They Take Initiative: yes.
How Do They Act (Shy,etc): he acts pretty much the same as his usual though he is more flirty.
Gentleman / Ladylike vs Klutzy: he's klutzy, he tries to be smooth but he always fumbles. but he looks quite gentlemen like compared to his klutzy wife.
Go Slow vs Jump Into: more or less, jump into.
True Love vs Testing Diff People: back in the day he would have said testing different people, but now it's true love.
Protective: yes.
Act Like Friends or Lovers: lovers. his wife teases him a lot though.
What Kind of Presents Do They Buy: anything he thinks she would like, no matter the price. he knows he'll get attention in return the better the gift.
Do They Want Kids: yes, many. 
Do They Want to Marry: yes.
Make Good or Bad Decisions: he's made his fair share of bad ones, but good ones to come.
Are They Romantic: yes. Viruku isn't hard to impress.
How Are They in Bed: intimate sometimes and wild other times.
Toys?: some.
Fetishes: his wife taking control, and getting his hair pulled.
S+M: not really.  

Get Jealous Easy: not easily, but he does get jealous at times.
Favorite Position: missionary and when she's on top of him.
What Would Happen on Their Dream Date: they would go to a carnival, play games, eat, talk a lot and then go some place quiet and make love.
Opinion on Sex: something that should be done between two people in love but agrees for himself and others that can be done with whom ever you feel like, so long as they are both single.

Abusive: no.
Marry for Money: not that kind of person.

pictures of him/with him.
(paper cutout) Laku Chibi. by Pink--ReptileThe Yamauchis by Pink--ReptilePajama Moment (Viruku and Laku) by Pink--Reptile
Day With Daddy. by Pink--ReptileAnimal Chibi (Laku) by Pink--Reptile

My Oc's in Swimsuits by Pink--ReptileThe Reptiles by Pink--ReptileDancing Reptiles. by Pink--ReptileStocking Buddies by Pink--Reptile
  • Listening to: be-busta true creepy stories.
  • Watching: be-busta

twix, pick a side. 

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